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Posted on Oct 14, 2017

Private Art Collecting In Miami: How to Begin in 6 Steps

Most people in Miami and New York have some type of art in their homes, be it figurines, small reflections, or large wall pieces. Some become passionate about art and consider becoming an art collector. The following article will walk you through the steps to becoming a successful Art Collector in Miami Florida.

1. Research and Study
The first step to the world of Art is research, research, research. There are so many different artists and types of art to consider that you could spend years obsessing over styles. Study history, read books, watch movies, go to museums, galleries, and viewings. I would even suggest that you learn to paint yourself so that you can appreciate the process.

2. Budget
Passion alone isn’t enough. The best pieces cost a pretty penny so if you don’t have the proper budget don’t risk it. To build an enticing collection you must have enough capital to be able to snatch up that rare gem you might across at the yard sale or flea market.

3. Window Shopping
Always go window shopping before making a purchase. If you can view and inspect a desired piece of art take your time and be thorough. Remember this is an important investment and any give artwork can take years to see a return on so move with a Zen-like patience.

4. Accumulate Your Collection
With Budget in place, the proper knowledge acquired, and a list of coveted pieces documented, you can now begin to build your collection. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so don’t limit your collection too solely on your taste because you might miss out on a great financial opportunity.

5. Grand Opening
Once you’ve accumulated enough art for a viewing to the public and potential buyers begin a plan of attack for marketing the event. Make sure to include history about the piece and the artist to inform potential buyers.

6. Mistakes to Avoid
Don’t purchase something because there’s a buzz around the artist or you get a tip from someone. Instead, develop your own taste and style so that you can only blame yourself for your bad acquisitions.

A lot of entertainers are getting involved in art collecting as a personal passion as well as a financial investment for their future. I was pleasantly shocked by the following bonus list we compiled for you.

5 Famous Celebrities Who Are Art Collectors

1. Madonna Collects: Contemporary
2. Oprah Collects: African art
3. Cheech Marin Collects: Chicano art
4. Jay-Z Collects: Contemporary
5. George Lucas Collects: American Illustration

I remember sitting with my grandmother and watching “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS where people would bring in objects to be appraised by a specialist to see if they had antiques and collectibles or just some junk. We were often be shocked to find out how valuable some of those things turned out to be.

Currently, Miami’s climate is buzzing as a hub for art in all types of styles so if you’re interested in becoming an art collector the time is now!