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Posted on Feb 2, 2017

New companies Mark Cuban is Interested in

Mark Cuban is a billionaire technology entrepreneur known for building which was bought by Yahoo for billions of dollars. After various self-made technology products, Cuban uses his money to invest in startup ideas and small business. You may know Cuban from the show, Shark Tank. On that show hundreds of entrepreneurs come to the “shark tank” to pitch their business ideas to the “sharks” or business millionaires and billionaires in hopes of sealing a deal. There are many different products that have caught Cuban’s interest. Here is a list:

There is this new from of nail polish prototype that will change colors when coming in contact with drinks mixed with drugs. Date-rape drugs are seen often enough to draw plenty of concern. Unfortunately there is still little that can be done to easily test for drugs in a drink without attracting attention. This new nail polish formula supposedly with let a female know if their drink is safe to consume. It can be done a way that wouldn’t draw any extra attention to the female.

Cuban has expressed interest in the startup company, Undercover Colors, started by Tyler Confrey-Maloney. Maloney hasn’t released much information on how the nail polish works or when it will hit the market. His company has received around $500,000 in investments.

Another company that caught Cuban’s attention is Writeyboard. This is a company based out of Los Angeles that allows you to post up a whiteboard anywhere you go. You may have gotten in trouble when you were a kid for writing on walls. Well now it is encouraged with this instant whiteboard. You just simply peel whiteboards made from classic vinyl and post them on any wall. It works well for taking notes or preparing a business presentation.

Josh Jennings, CEO of Los Angeles-based WriteyBoard set out to get funding from Mark Cuban. He ended up getting a $150,000 investment from him after valuing his company at $800,000 in 2010.

Mark Cuban invested in an entrepreneur from Florida with an idea to create a three-wheeled, all-electric, street legal vehicle. The company is called Sway Motorsports. This product is not like any motorcycle or scooter on the market. Customers that can afford this product are able to turn the electric vehicle with their legs. It is much more stable and can turn tight corners better than any motorcycle. It is very easy to carry. Sway Sports received a $300,000 investment for 20% equity.