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Posted on Jun 28, 2017

Here Comes Amazon to a Mall Near You

Head for safe territory WalMart, the Amazon river approacheth.

Century City, a sleepy Los Angeles County suburb sprinkled with a few commercial buildings and high-rises, will be the proud owner of a new Amazon store. An Amazon Books store will open soon, further expanding its slow, physical, brick-and-mortar creep across the country.

Amazon recently made headlines for the industry shaking purchase of Whole Foods grocery. Amazon, an innovative eCommerce retailer, already began the journey into the physical world with the birth of actual physical stores, presented in book seller format, called Amazon Books. Bringing the sheer power of a retailer that holds a hefty portion of online shopping purchases in several categories, Amazon touched down on the planet Earth two years ago, in prime territory, sprouting in the inspiration-geared mentality of the tech-laden West Coast.

It all started in 2015 with Amazon retail outlets sprinkled throughout Seattle, Oregon, and San Diego. Amazon achieved this by opening bookstores, an homage to the path that Amazon took upon infancy – starting out as a mere Internet website selling books, second-hand books available also. Instead of opening a convenience store setup, offering Amazon bestsellers perhaps, Amazon is reacquainting shoppers with early roots and are introduced consumers to a bookstore – a physical store with virtual options.

As expected from a dynamic internet pioneer and entity, Amazon offers consumers a brand-new experience – no money and no price tags. The Seattle branch of Amazon Books (flagship location), unveiled the digital consumer model, visitors pay via smartphone scan upon exiting the store.  Customers select the book or item they would like to purchase, use a smartphone enabled with Amazon’s app to complete the transaction, then carry purchases out the door. Modern conveniences. As a bonus, Amazon customers will receive special deals and discounts for in-store purchases.

Any city with an Amazon store would be thrilled. Peter Lowy, Co-Chief Executive of Westfield Corp, commented on the reason why Amazon chose Westfield, stating “they came to us because of the assets we’re building.” Westfield Corp owns the Westfield Century City Mall. The Westfield Century City mall will be the new home of Amazon’s newest store.

Southern California will be the proud recipient of two more stores immediately after the Century City installation, with coming locations along Melrose Blvd and Pasadena.