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Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Miami for Fine Arts

Headed to Miami this summer? You will want to make sure you check out the arts. Miami is a fine place for those who enjoy art and for collectors. Here are a few places you won’t want to miss;

*Rubell Family Collection
Contemporary works by emerging & established artists displayed in a repurposed DEA warehouse.

*de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space
Admission is free.

*Miami Art Scene™

*The Margulies Collection at the Wharehouse.
Contemporary & vintage photography, video & sculpture displayed in a huge converted warehouse space.

Some of the top art collectors in the United States have been known for their support of the arts in Miami including; Jorge Pérez, Alice Walton, and Norman Braman. In fact, the average art holdings for billionaires is $31 million.

Other places of interest for art collectors in Miami include;

* Kelley Roy Gallery which includes, sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Currently, the gallery features work by 19 artists including; Jae Hahn, Mimi Bates and Patricia Claro. See the Gallery web-site for details.

* Wynwood Walls; Founded by Tony Goldman, this gallery features contemporary street art. Visit the web-site at

* Locust Projects is known for national and international reputation for presenting ambitious projects by a diverse range of artists at pivotal points in their careers.

* Fredric Snitzer Gallery has a remarkable, reputation for contemporary art. Described as, “edgy” and “high-quality,” the exhibits change regularly and are not to be missed.

*Avant Gallery, If you are looking for cutting-edge art, look no further than Avant Gallery. Everything you are looking for is here, photography, fine art, media works, and sculpture. Avant Gallery has it all, and you won’t want to miss it.

* Dina Mitrani Gallery; in an old clothing factory and highlights photography. If this is a medium you love, make sure you visit the Dina Mitrani Gallery.

* Dimesions Variable; Organized by a trio of artists they emphasis the exchange of artists around the world, and feature well-renowned artists.

* David Castillo Gallery; known for featuring local and international artists in mid-career, you will not want to miss this gallery.

* Spinello Projects; recognized for exhibiting innovative, intellectual artworks across all mediums, learn more at

Miami a wonderful place for both the art enthusiasts and the collector. So much to do and see.

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Posted on Jun 16, 2016

Best Places to Live if You Collect Art in Miami

Miami is a favorite full-time or part-time residence for art collectors. That should not be a surprise. Miami is a favorite city for many kinds of people (, and the wealthy can most afford to take advantage of its many attractions. And only wealthy people can afford to collect art. Therefore, many art collectors live in the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods of Miami. And there many fine collections of modern art in Miami.

The Design District
This area is the heart of Miami’s attractiveness as a center for art and design. An older neighborhood that went through some tough times in the 1980s, it’s now experiencing a resurgence. It’s home to many artists, their workshops and art galleries. The shopping options include antique stores and home decorating shops, and features businesses devoted to architecture and design.

The Margulies Collection
Martin Z. Margulies is one of the most famous of Miami’s art collectors. In The Warehouse in the Wynwood Art District, he displays the photographs, videos and sculptures he has collected over the last 30 years. Just inside the entrance sits Sprache der Vogel by Anselm Kiefer. It’s two bird wings on a stack of old books. The outstretched wings span 17 feet. The entire sculpture weighs three tons.

The Rubell Family Collection and Contemporary Arts Foundation
Young Donald and Mera Rubell began buying art as a young couple back in the 1960s. They’re still collecting, and now sharing their passion with the rest of the world. They believe in educating people about the art they enjoy. They have one of the world’s largest private collections of art, and personally knew many of the artists whose work they collect and display.

Craig Robins Collection at Dacra
Craig Robins is the real estate developer who has revitalized the Design District. His work in the Design District reflects his own passion for art and design, so he keeps his own collection housed and on public display there. He owns the work of over 200 artists, so the pieces displayed rotate through the year, though Richard Tuttle and John Baldessari remain on permanent display.

Art Basel Miami Beach
Thanks to the efforts of Mera Rubell, the international art fair Art Basel set up in Miami Beach in 2002, and that has helped make the entire far more conscious of the value of good art. It enables art galleries to display their best work. It raised visibility for many artists and galleries to museum directors, curators and collectors. It takes place in December every year in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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