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Posted on Oct 19, 2016

Best Places to Live if You Collect Art in Miami

If you love arts and are thinking of moving to Miami, then there are some neighborhoods that you need to explore. Each has its own flavor, so you will want to explore them and see which fits your own personality the best.

Allapattah is one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods. Yet, it is being redeveloped as the Little San Domingo. Neighborhood leaders would like to see it as a neighborhood where different cultures can live together in peace. A new 10,000 foot area for small artists and craftsmen to display their work is currently slated to open very soon. The area already boosts a 15,000 square foot open-air food area, the largest of its kind in Miami.

Arts and Entertainment District
Something exciting is always happening in Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District. Art lovers have easy access to the contemporary Perez Art Museum Miami with its world-class exhibits. They also have easy access to Adrienne Arsht Center where the Miami Grand Opera and the Miami City Ballet perform. The area also is home to the YoungArts campus where young artists from the world come to collaborate with their peers. Nights in this district often feature outdoor movies while the area is famous for its extremely large flea markets. Living in this area gives you easy access to the Wynwood district with its amazing art collections like those open to public viewing by George Lindemann, Martin Z. Margulles, the Donald and Mera Rubell Family, Craig Roberts and Ella Fontanal Clonecs and family.

Little River
The Little River district is quickly becoming a destination sot for emerging artists to live. The Iron Side block offers many of them space to work and exhibition space at a very reasonable fee. Green lawns and older homes beckon you to this neighborhood which lies very near the entertainment district. Made at the Citadel gives young artists and entrepreneurs the space they need while surrounding them with a very loving community. Kathyrn Mikesell is particularly in love with this neighborhood and the possibilities it holds for artists.

Little Havana
Little Havana is a very old school neighborhood in Miami that always has something exciting happening. The culture here is wonderful. While many people have roots that go back a long way in this neighborhood of Miami, new artists are moving in giving the area a new vibe. You will simply have to experience this blending of different cultures for yourself. Tony Cho is particularly fascinated with the art available in this neighborhood and the possibilities for expansion in the future.