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Posted on May 5, 2014

The Best Fictional Cities

The Best Fictional Cities

Inspired by real life events that give cities new life, here is a list of the top 5 best fictional cities:

Emerald City-The Wizard of Oz

For those who like their buildings green this is the one for you.  The home of the Wizard, is bright and vibrant.  The skyline is pretty beautiful, but again, you really need to like the color green (specifically emerald green) if you want to think about permanent residency here.

Gotham City-Batman

Can be filmed as dark gothic city for the moody and broody, or a bright modern city, that has a few problem areas.  Batman’s home is known for the high crime rate, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most intriguing and beautiful cities in all of fiction.  But avoid Crime Ally if you can.

King’s Landing-Game of Thrones

For some medieval and fantasy flavor, the home of the iron throne is bright with regal events always taking place.  Then again, that is just for the royals, the citizens don’t always have the best time, but the throne rooms are beautiful and the architecture is a mash-up of European and Mediterranean.  Just be sure to avoid the battles and the psychotic rulers.


The concept of the underwater city is nothing new, but this 2007 videogame took it to a whole new level by putting an entire art-deco metropolis under the Atlantic Ocean.  The city may be haunted, but it is breathtakingly beautiful, and one look at its skyline is sure to fill you with awe.  And not just because a squid swims past a skyscraper.

Springfield-The Simpsons

Your typical American small city, located…well no one is quite sure where.  Springfield is the home of the Simpson family, and the assorted characters they come across in their lives.  Springfield is known for it’s nuclear power plant, which looms over everything-literally it’s the largest building on the skyline.

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