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Here Comes Amazon to a Mall Near You

Posted on Jun 28, 2017

Head for safe territory WalMart, the Amazon river approacheth.

Century City, a sleepy Los Angeles County suburb sprinkled with a few commercial buildings and high-rises, will be the proud owner of a new Amazon store. An Amazon Books store will open soon, further expanding its slow, physical, brick-and-mortar creep across the country.

Amazon recently made headlines for the industry shaking purchase of Whole Foods grocery. Amazon, an innovative eCommerce retailer, already began the journey into the physical world with the birth of actual physical stores, presented in book seller format, called Amazon Books. Bringing the sheer power of a retailer that holds a hefty portion of online shopping purchases in several categories, Amazon touched down on the planet Earth two years ago, in prime territory, sprouting in the inspiration-geared mentality of the tech-laden West Coast.

It all started in 2015 with Amazon retail outlets sprinkled throughout Seattle, Oregon, and San Diego. Amazon achieved this by opening bookstores, an homage to the path that Amazon took upon infancy – starting out as a mere Internet website selling books, second-hand books available also. Instead of opening a convenience store setup, offering Amazon bestsellers perhaps, Amazon is reacquainting shoppers with early roots and are introduced consumers to a bookstore – a physical store with virtual options.

As expected from a dynamic internet pioneer and entity, Amazon offers consumers a brand-new experience – no money and no price tags. The Seattle branch of Amazon Books (flagship location), unveiled the digital consumer model, visitors pay via smartphone scan upon exiting the store.  Customers select the book or item they would like to purchase, use a smartphone enabled with Amazon’s app to complete the transaction, then carry purchases out the door. Modern conveniences. As a bonus, Amazon customers will receive special deals and discounts for in-store purchases.

Any city with an Amazon store would be thrilled. Peter Lowy, Co-Chief Executive of Westfield Corp, commented on the reason why Amazon chose Westfield, stating “they came to us because of the assets we’re building.” Westfield Corp owns the Westfield Century City Mall. The Westfield Century City mall will be the new home of Amazon’s newest store.

Southern California will be the proud recipient of two more stores immediately after the Century City installation, with coming locations along Melrose Blvd and Pasadena.



New companies Mark Cuban is Interested in

Posted on Feb 2, 2017

Mark Cuban is a billionaire technology entrepreneur known for building which was bought by Yahoo for billions of dollars. After various self-made technology products, Cuban uses his money to invest in startup ideas and small business. You may know Cuban from the show, Shark Tank. On that show hundreds of entrepreneurs come to the “shark tank” to pitch their business ideas to the “sharks” or business millionaires and billionaires in hopes of sealing a deal. There are many different products that have caught Cuban’s interest. Here is a list:

There is this new from of nail polish prototype that will change colors when coming in contact with drinks mixed with drugs. Date-rape drugs are seen often enough to draw plenty of concern. Unfortunately there is still little that can be done to easily test for drugs in a drink without attracting attention. This new nail polish formula supposedly with let a female know if their drink is safe to consume. It can be done a way that wouldn’t draw any extra attention to the female.

Cuban has expressed interest in the startup company, Undercover Colors, started by Tyler Confrey-Maloney. Maloney hasn’t released much information on how the nail polish works or when it will hit the market. His company has received around $500,000 in investments.

Another company that caught Cuban’s attention is Writeyboard. This is a company based out of Los Angeles that allows you to post up a whiteboard anywhere you go. You may have gotten in trouble when you were a kid for writing on walls. Well now it is encouraged with this instant whiteboard. You just simply peel whiteboards made from classic vinyl and post them on any wall. It works well for taking notes or preparing a business presentation.

Josh Jennings, CEO of Los Angeles-based WriteyBoard set out to get funding from Mark Cuban. He ended up getting a $150,000 investment from him after valuing his company at $800,000 in 2010.

Mark Cuban invested in an entrepreneur from Florida with an idea to create a three-wheeled, all-electric, street legal vehicle. The company is called Sway Motorsports. This product is not like any motorcycle or scooter on the market. Customers that can afford this product are able to turn the electric vehicle with their legs. It is much more stable and can turn tight corners better than any motorcycle. It is very easy to carry. Sway Sports received a $300,000 investment for 20% equity.

What Is Fracking How Does It Help A Local Economy?

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

Fracking is a process used to access oil in a large shale field, and it may be used in several places where oil is not accessible through other means. This article explains how fracking is used to find oil or natural gas, how it helps the local economy and who benefits when the fracking operation works properly.

#1: How Does Fracking Work?

A fracking operation uses hydraulic fracturing machines to split the Earth to find the oil or gas that is sitting in a shale field. The field may be quite large, and it will be hidden in a place where it cannot be accessed easily. The fracking process helps reach down to find the oil, and it will push the ground out of the way to ensure the drilling machines may reach to the proper depth.

#2: How Does The Fracking Operation Run?

There are hundreds of people working on a single fracking site, and they are required to ensure all the machines and systems are working properly. There must be scientists who are there to check the impact on the Earth, and there will be many manual laborers who are offering their time to ensure the job is done safely. Anyone who wishes to use the fracking system will have a large support staff working on each site, and they will add hundreds of jobs to the local economy. A single county may have more than one outfit working, and they will double or triple the number of jobs offered.

#3: How Long Does Fracking Last?

The fracking outfit that moves into a particular area will run for quite some time, and it must remain there for as long as the oil is in the ground. The crews are required to operate the machines, and there are several on the support staff who must be present for every new drilling process. Safety is quite important, and the sites will not be safe when they are not manned properly.

A fracking operation that comes to any local area must ensure it is hiring as many people as possible, and they will begin a legacy that may last for some time. Each of the fracking sites will have scientists, managers and a number of others who are prepared to keep the site running for as long as needed. The company running the site will remain in place for some time while drilling occurs.

Preventing Date Rape, One Polished Nail at a Time

Posted on Jan 4, 2017

Undercover Colors ( is a new company that has come out with a product that detects the presence of date rape drugs in drinks. It is a nail polish that women wear on their nails. When they dip their fingernail in the drink it detects Rohypnol, Xanax, or Ecstasy all date rape drugs. When there is a drugs in the drink the nail polish will change color. This product is still being tested and is not yet on the market.

This product was created by four engineering students at North Carolina University. They wanted to help give women more protection against date rape. According to the Center for Disease Control one in five women report experiencing rape at some time. The product was developed in 2014 but has attracted many investors.

This company raised over $55 million in equity financing with over 49 investors. David Gardner an investor says that many parents look at this product as a good product when they send their daughters off to college. When this product is used it will change things. He views the product as a deterrent rather than a protection device. Because those that commit these crimes will know that it is on the market.

The four engineering students believed that they could create a product that helped others. Tyler Confrey-Maloney a co-founder of the company says they put themselves on the line when they began testing the product. He and Stephen Gray another co-founder and chief operating officer at the company volunteer at the Wake County Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center regularly.

The company has attracted well known investors like Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban and Cindy Whitehead a former CEO of a female sexual health company called Sprout. She is official marketing advisor to the company. She is helping to determine a marketing strategy for bringing Undercover Colors to the market.

Undercover Colors was developed by four undergraduate students at NC State University’s College of Engineering, Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, Tasso Von Windheim, and Tyler Confrey-Maloney. They combined chemistry with traditional cosmetics to create a nail polish. Before this product there were very few ways to detect date rape drugs in beverages.